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Nestor Sulu, ACG ALB

2018-19 Area W2 Director

My name is Nestor Sulu and I am a toastmasters member like you. Back in 2016 I joined my first club, Xiamen Toastmasters, in Xiamen, China. I was amazed by the amount of time every member put selfless to run their beloved club.

Having a Computer Science in Mexico as degree and working on developing systems in China as my business for over 20 years, I decided to create a system to ease the work of our fellow members. With the ideas of fellow member Clark Shaw and encouraging of Doris Lin, a system for Toastmasters clubs came to life, Clark nicknamed it SKYNET, as he visualized this system one day, will take over the world… and now it is happening… for good!


Wilson Yau, DTM

2020-21 District 89 Director

As an IT professional, I truly believe information technology should improve our Toastmasters life.

I have launched easy-speak for Oasis Toastmasters Club in 2012, however it is not so easy to use for non-IT members. When I first say the Skynet in 2018, I decided to introduce the skynet to more clubs and save our time for admin work. We should spend more time to improve communication and leadership skills instead of managing last minutes changes and re-work in Word/Excel. 

This year, I am so glad that Skynet agreed to help District 89 and offered us with an very attrative offer. We have paid for all clubs in District 89 and all clubs are eligible to use Skynet in 2020-21 term free of charge! Hope it can benefit all clubs in District 89! Hope all members in District 89 will love it! 

Resources for Skynet

Skynet Overview: <Download here>
User Manual to change officers: <Download here>
Club Request Form: <Download here>

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