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If I could change one thing about the world..

If we could change one thing about the world, we would return to the time before we had COVID, for, since its presence, our lives changed. Social distancing, masks, no dinner at restaurants, you name it.

As for Tung Chung Toastmasters, we have been meeting on Zoom for months. For sure, zoom meetings give us new learning experiences; in-person meetings are all we have been longing for. We are happy to tell you that we are finally back to the physical meeting!!!!! We have full house in person and guest may join us on April 11th 14.45 to 17.00 (GMT +8.00) virtually for an interactive experience.

Why should you attend?

1. We are hosting our first hybrid meeting of this year (physical meeting with online attendance). We have members and guests joining both physically and virtually! Come and see how we have done the hybrid setup and take back tips for your clubs or other events you want to organize!

2. A special workshop by Toastmasters Jessica Breitenfeld on "Speed networking- the skill 2.0" In the workshop, you will hear the theory and apply it immediately in the breakout rooms. Your Emotional Intelligence will be improved- and best of all - you will do it with laughter and connecting through stories! The workshop host Jessica Breitenfeld is a Children’s Entertainer in Canada and will be joining us virtually!

Zoom Registration Link:

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