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D89 Pathways Tutorial
89大区Pathways 研習系列


New to Pathways

Quickly learn the basics of getting started in Pathways -- from setting up your account to completing your Icebreaker speech.

  1. Setting up your TI Account 建立你的个人TI账户

  2. Selecting Your Path选择你的教育路径

  3. Starting Your First Project 开展你的第一篇演讲

Navigating Basecamp

Discover the features of Basecamp that fully utilize Pathways.

4. Uploading an Evaluation Form 上载评论报告

5. Completing a Level 完成一个Pathways的等级

Pathways for Basecamp Managers

Learn how Basecamp Managers fulfill your club roles with Pathways.

6. Approving a Level Completion 批核会员在Pathways的等级
7. Printing a Certificate in Pathways 为会员打印Pathways的証书
8. Submitting an Award in Club Central 于Club Central递交教育奖项

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