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2022-23 District 89 1st Virtual District Council Meeting

Please be invited to join 2022-2023 District 89 Virtual Council Meeting with details as below:

诚邀阁下参加 2022-23年度 89大区線上大区理事会会议,详情如下:

Date日期 : 25 September 2022 (Sun) 2022年 9月25日 (星期日)

Time时间: 20:00-21:30  晚上八時正至九時半

Meeting Tool会议工具: Zoom

(Zoom meeting link will be available upon registration and sent out before the meeting 


Meeting documents:

1) Meeting Agenda: D89 2022-23 Virtual District Council Meeting Agenda 2022-09-25

2) Instruction for Zoom [International Edition of Zoom] [Chinese Edition of Zoom]

3) Robert's Rules of Order 罗伯特议事规则

4) Last Meeting Minutes: 2021-22 District Council Meeting Minutes 2022-05-14

5) Financial Reports/ Profit & Loss Statement for 2021-22 term


6) 2021-22 Audit Report: D89 2021-22 Audit Report


7) District Budget for 2022-23

* Please register to confirm your attendance on or before 23 Sep 2022 23:59 (UTC/GMT+8)

D89 2022-23 1st Council Meeting Registration

Note: If you are holding more than one role (District Officer, Club President, Club VP Education), you only need to register once.

Thanks for registering to confirm your attendance!

Sorry, registration was open before 23 September 2022 23:59 (UTC/GMT+8). This form no longer accepts submissions.

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