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Hall of Fame 2014-2015


Division Governor of the Year 2013-2014

Area Governor of the Year 2013-2014

Toastmaster of the Year 2013-2014



Hall of Fame

District Governors of District 89


Angela Zhang, DTM, District Governor 2012-2013

President's Distinguished District


Terry Hong, DTM, District Governor 2013-2014

President's Distinguished District

Sarah He, DTM, District Governor 2014-2015

President's Distinguished District

Division Governors of District 89

President's Distinguished Division 2012-2013

Division E, Phyllis Huang, ACB, ALB

Division H, Derek Wong, DTM

Division I, Tony Liang, CC, ALB

Division K, Cecilia Luk, CC, ALB

Division M, Joshua Compbell, ACB, ALB

Division N, Neo Long, DTM

Division P, Kelly Guo, DTM

Select Distinguished Division 2012-2013

Division G, Gary Chui, ACB, CL

Area Governors of District 89

President's Distinguished Area 2012-2013

E1, Nikki Li, ACB, ALB

H1, Steve Yu, DTM

H4, Charles Law, ACB, ALB

I2 Ronnie Lam, ACB, ALB

I4, Ella He, DTM

K3, Carmen Li, ACB, ALB

M1, Alice Huang, CC, ALB

N1 Oliver Wu, ACB, ALB

N3, Lei Zhang, ACB, ALB

P1, Jeffery Shu, CL

Select Distinguished Area 2012-2013 

G1, Edison Tsui, CC, CL

G2, WIlson Yau, DTM

G4, Andy Ko

H3, Matt Steele, DTM

I1, Bonnie Liu, ACB, CL

I3, Sasha Li, ACB, ALB

K2, Raymond Ngan, CC, CL

M2, Meiko Tu, CC

Distinguished Area 2012-2013

E2, Franco Li, CC, CL

E3, Sandra Xu, CL

G3, In In Wong, CC, ALB

H2, Brandt Hui, CC

K1, Jonathan Li, ACB, CL

K4, Shuk Yiu Ho, CC, CL

P2, Juli Wu, CC

        District 89 Three Outstanding Awards 2012-2013

Division Governor of The Year of D89 2012-2013

Kelly GUO, DTM



Home club: 

Chengdu WExpress Toastmasters Club

Chengdu BOOST-er Toastmasters Club
Officer Position held during 2012 July to 2013 June:
l  Division PGovernor
Leadership Achievements and Contribution to Toastmasters organization in last year:
l  President’sDistinguishedDivision
l  Conference Chair of District 89 2012 Fall conference, and led a successful District Fall conference
l  Built 2 new clubs in Chengdu
l  Saved Chongqing Toastmasters Club and Ubisoft Chengdu Toastmasters Club to chartered strength and achievedDistinguished by organized several marketing events
Being the pioneer leader in Chengdu, Kelly has set an outstanding example for members to follow. She served with distinction as District 89 Conference Chair as well as Division PGovernor last year. She led a President'sDistinguished Division, and as Conference Chair, she brought us the memorable Mala conference in Chengdu.  
It was the first time to have a division for Chengdu, Chongqing and Kunming and the same for our district 89. Naturally the first year of any organization is critically important, as stability is difficult to maintain. It was a year of “challenges” forDivision P, but under Kelly’s leadershipDivision P has grown and excelled. Her team found success by actively attending, by actively participating and organizing the big conference, by implementing the marketing and educational events, and by proactively sharing and serving.
Kelly’s commitment, passion, consideration and perseverance constantly encourage and motivate her team in Division P. In following Kelly as a role model, all of us will know what we can achieve and how we can become outstanding toastmasters.
Member since July2009
Area Governor of The Year of D89 2012-2013

Charles LAW ACB, ALB


Home club: 

HKUST MBA Alumni Toastmasters Club

Officer Position held during 2012 July to 2013 June: Area H4 Governor
Leadership Achievements and Contribution to Toastmasters organization in last year:
As the founding President of the HKUST MBA Alumni Toastmaster Club, Charles has played the leadership role in Toastmasters even since he joined Toastmasters in 2009. He has been a dedicated leader to during the year of service as the area H4governor, helping the mandarin and Cantonese Clubs achieved great performance.  Below is the list of his achievement:
l  Led a total of 7 clubs in area H4 to achieve President’sDistinguishedArea,.
l  Achieved a 21% increase of membership in area H4.
l  Guided 2 clubs to achieveDistinguishedclub, and another 2 clubs to achieve SelectDistinguishedclub.
l  Conducted Area Council Meeting to align key initiatives and important dates, and allowed networking opportunities among the 7 club’s Excom members
l  Achieved ACB, ALB this year
Member since October 2009
Toastmaster of The Year of D89 2012-2013
Amber LI CC, CL

Home club: 

GZ Elite Toastmasters Club

Amber is a seasoned Toastmasters actively participating in Toastmasters programs and activities. She was:
l  VPM of GZ Elite Toastmasters Club 2007-2008;
l  President of GZ Elite Toastmasters Club 2008-2009;
l  Finalist of District 89 2012 Humorous Speech Contest
Personality and Contribution to Toastmasters organization in last year:
Amber is anenthusiastic speakerand courageous leaderAmber served as the Conference Chair for District 892013 SpringConference in Guangzhou.  Amber took up the role of conference chair out of expectation when the team leader needed to be absent for a while for personal reason. Under the great pressure of budget and a team with young and less experienced members, she never gave up and led herteam brought all members in District a memorable conference with a special theme and local feature.

" I joined Toastmasters in 2007 as a college student. I didn't expect I can benefit so much here at that time. The growing process in Toastmasters is simply 'I paid then I gain'. Every time I took a role, I earned an opportunity to get improv
ement. Being a member for 6 years, what I learned from Toastmasters is far more than speaking skill and leadership skill. I gain the confidence to speak to hundreds of people, the courage to take up challenges, the determination while confronting with obstacles. What Toastmasters gives me is a strong mind, which is well worth the time, the energy and the money I investigated into it. Thanks to all the support and trusted that my fellow members have given to me. It's you that make me stronger. -- Amber "
Member since July2007

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